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Danielskuil Steenwerke CC is only a new name for a long existing company always known as Danielskuil Steenwerke. The company was bought from the previous owner in the early 1988 thus making it an existence of more than 30 years.

Danielskuil Steenwerke CC took over the existing responsibilities and contracts from a former affiliate company Buckle Family Trust. Its assets comprised of a crusher system, a washing plant and a shotcrete plant. The last two said plants were originally erected especially to supply De Beers Finch Mine of shotcrete in bulk as well as in bags. In order to ensure the independance and financial liquidity, the company was also responsible for the negotiation of new contracts.

Starting as a small entity with about 10 personnel, with a crushing capacity of about 20 tons a hour, the company rapidly grew as the quality of our products became known to especially the surrounding mines as De Beers at Finsch Mine, King and Parsons in Kathu and Kalagadi Mine near Hotazel. Long term contracts were negotiated with the said mines and contractors on their projects and, due to the vast quantities needed by the companies, it became neccesary to enlarge the crushing capacity to ensure a continuous supply of material. That was done in 2010 and the new crusher expanded the capacity from 20 tons a hour to a maximum of 80 tons a hour. That quantity quickly proved to be insufficient and it became neccesary to expand again. A new crusher was added that would yield a supply of up to 200 tons a hour. Several upgrading projects have been done since 2010 and currently the crushing capacity exceeds more than 400 ton an hour if needed.

Notwithstanding the greater capacity, it is still ensured that the quality of the products still remain superb by means of twice daily quality tests performed by a employee appointed for that purpose alone. The current employees of the company amounts to 32.

Currently the Company’s range of products consists of the undermentioned:

  • 19 mm Concrete Stone
  • 13 mm Concrete Stone
  • Crusher dust
  • Premix
  • Washed stone
  • Shotcrete
  • River sand
  • Building-/Plaster sand
  • G1, G2 & G5 material could be mixed on demand or order.

Danielskuil Steenwerke CC was rated as a Level 3 BBBEE company during 2013, but we are currently in the process of determining the new year’s rating that should be at least equal to last year. The company is proud of its reputation built up during the years and is willing to bend over backwards in order to maintain it. It strives on high quality of products as well as delivering the best service by a team of motivated personnel.

Examples of projects, where our materials were used, include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Underground Shotcreting done by De Beers at Finsch Mine for at least the last 8 years.
  • All the concrete works done by Concor at the King and Parsons projects at Kathu.
  • The concrete works done by Grinaker-LTA and Civcon at Kalagadi Mine near Hotazel.
  • Underground Shotcreting done by Murray & Roberts at Black Rock.
  • The water reservoir and pressure tower at Kathu done by Roburn Construction.
  • The foundations and floors of numerous housing projects throughout the biggest part of our area that includes Danielskuil, Postmasburg, Kathu, Kuruman, Hotazel, Black Rock, Jan Kempdorp, Hartswater, Taung, Warrenton, Barkly West, Widsorton, Longlands, Griekwastad and Douglas.
  • The supply of G1 and G2 material to Basil Read for the construction of the Kuruman/Hotazel road